Sherlock Holmes Chapter One — A Mother’s Love finale and endings

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Endings Finale A Mother's Love

After solving the Sacrificial Lamb investigation, the constable will thank Sherlock for his assistance. He also hands him a box with files on the death of his mother, Violet Holmes, many years ago. This triggers a flashback and another reason for you to return to Stonewood Manor. Here’s our Sherlock Holmes Chapter One guide to help you with the finale and endings in A Mother’s Love.

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Note: For more information, check out our Sherlock Holmes Chapter One guides and features hub. Likewise, you can take a look at our full campaign walkthrough. Lastly, please be reminded that this guide contains major spoilers.


Sherlock Holmes Chapter One – A Mother’s Love finale and endings guide

The point of no return

There’s a door that leads to the manor’s backyard. Jon will tell you not to go through, but you can decide if you want to heed his warning or not. This is, technically, the game’s point of no return. I suggest going to C:\Users\<Your Username>\AppData\Local\SH9\Saved\SaveGames. Inside this folder, you’ll see your files. Try to make a backup just in case this checkpoint gets overwritten. The subsequent autosaves during the finale of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One will overwrite the existing ones, too.

Investigating the garden

Inside the garden, you’ll see illusions of Sherlock’s mother. You’ll also want to investigate the following objects in the order listed below. At certain points, flashbacks will trigger.

  • Wooden boards next to the pond.
  • Statue at the side of the yard.
  • Teacup near the pond.
  • The gazebo and the book.
  • The door that leads back inside the manor.

Choices and conclusions

Sherlock will remember a moment from his childhood when he’s helping his mother while she’s in a wheelchair. He tells her that her husband was already gone, which caused her to become irate. After slapping Sherlock, she dragged him to the pond and was about to drown him. Sherlock passed out, only to see that his mother was dead and Mycroft was accosting Dr. Otto Richter.

It’s time for you to accept the truth:

  • Otto Richter is responsible – Deliberate murder or an accident?
  • Jon and I are responsible – Jon is the killer or Sherlock killed his mother?

Based on your decisions, you’ll watch some very emotional ending scenes in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. As for the final scene, well, it shows a slightly older Sherlock being visited by someone who’ll eventually become his BFF.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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