Sherlock Holmes Chapter One — Sacrificial Lamb prison suspects

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Sacrificial Lamb Prison Suspects Manchios Matista Santos Pinchetti

You’ve just attended a party that turned out to be a pagan ritual. Now, a man named Fabio is dead and everyone got arrested. Here’s our Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Sacrificial Lamb guide to help you interrogate the prison suspects — Kurt Manchios, Matista, and Santos Pinchetti — so we can conclude our investigation.

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Prison suspects in the Sacrificial Lamb investigation in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Compared to all the other investigations in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, this sequence with Sacrificial Lamb prison suspects is fairly limited. Everyone’s in a single area (Cordona Police Station), and you’ll mostly go around presenting evidence. When you show the evidence to these suspects, their responses will be noted in your casebook. Subsequently, new findings will also appear in your Mind Palace.

Some important clues include the documents left by the constable, the keys and letters in Santos’ cell, and the ones in the evidence room. For the Santos info, make sure you have “Santos is a Suspect” pinned, then talk to the constable in the archives room. Likewise, to access the evidence room, you should have “Evidence Ticket” pinned. Exit the jail and go to the opposite hallway to find it.

Again, you’ll just go back and forth to talk to the suspects. Eventually, the Mind Palace will be full of clues. Certain combinations of deductions will tell you why the suspect may have killed Fabio:

  • Kurt Manchios – Manchios’ motive is more personal as he was in love with Fabio. He kept giving him gifts, but his feelings weren’t reciprocated. Manchios’ may have killed him out of frustration.
  • Matista – As a former slave who’s been abused, Matista became more distant and she slowly became influenced by occultism. It’s possible that she killed Fabio as part of an occult ritual.
  • Santos Pinchetti – An illegitimate son of Manchios’ sister, he’s been disrespected throughout his life. By framing Manchios for Fabio’s murder, Pinchetti could become the sole heir of the property.

The decision on what to do with the Sacrificial Lamb prison suspects in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is entirely up to you. In the end, Vogel will have a short chat with Sherlock. The constable will also give Sherlock the files regarding his mother’s death, which means it’s time for us to reach the finale and endings.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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