Should You Free Or Execute Gammel In Unicorn Overlord
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Should you free or execute Gammel in Unicorn Overlord?

The life of a thief.

Some of the biggest choices you get in this tactical RPG are the choices to either kill characters or set them free. So should you either free or execute Gammel in Unicorn Overlord? We’ll discuss which decision is the best to make.

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Unicorn Overlord: Should you free or execute Gammel?

One of the earliest enemies you face off against in Unicorn Overlord is Gammel, who you can decide to either kill or set free. Although he does give off a very conniving vibe from the way he speaks, he’ll give you a bit of a sad backstory as to why he does the things that he does. There are pros and cons to both options, but overall it’s best if you free Gammel instead of execute him.

Should You Free Or Execute Gammel In Unicorn Overlord Spare
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Free Gammel

While this decision doesn’t impact the overall story, it does decide whether or not you can recruit him later in the game. Freeing him will earn you practically all the same quest rewards, such as a Beckoning Bell, a Recruit’s Shortbow, and a Cornia Militia.

Once you set him free, Gammel says that he’ll remember what you did for him. Later on in the story of Unicorn Overlord, you’ll have the chance to recruit him. Gammel is part of the Thief class, and this class is excellent in unit formations since they can steal PP from enemies and evade most attacks.

Execute Gammel

If you do decide to execute Gammel for his crimes, the one good thing that comes out of this decision is 10,000 War Funds. This early on in Unicorn Overlord, that money can be extremely precious, so this may sway your decision.

But just remember that executing him results in Gammel never becoming a recruitable character for your Liberation Army. You get the same quest rewards, which are the Beckoning Bell, Recruit’s Shortbow, and Cornia Militia. But otherwise, the only good thing that comes from this choice is the War Funds.

I recommend that you free Gammel simply because the War Funds aren’t worth more than losing a Thief character. Travis is also a Thief, and he’s such a great addition to my team that I couldn’t imagine not wanting another Thief on my side.

You’ll continue to come across big life-or-death decisions like this in Unicorn Overlord, as you’ll soon need to choose to either spare or execute Mordon.

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