Unicorn Overlord Best Unit Formations
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Unicorn Overlord: Best unit formations

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One of the most important parts of Unicorn Overlord is planning the perfect unit formations, but which are the best? There’s a ton of variety with all the different classes and characters, so here are the formations you should try.

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Best unit formations in Unicorn Overlord

As you start to recruit more characters in Unicorn Overlord, you’ll have plenty of more helping hands to add to your units. These unit formations will help with your early game playthrough (unless you feel the need to choose an easier difficulty setting), but as we make our way through this long game and reach the end game we’ll update you with late-game unit formations. But for now, here are the best unit formations you should try out in Unicorn Overlord.

Unicorn Overlord Best Unit Formations Early Game
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Front rowAlain or Lex
Back rowClive

This unit formation can act as your leading unit with powerhouses like Alain or Clive. You could even do both if you wanted, but this unit is specifically for one or the other. You get a DPS-focused team with Alain or Lex at the front and Clive in the middle at the backline.

Alain as the party leader activates Morale Boost, allowing you to gain more Valor Points when defeating enemy units. While Alain and Clive are both excellent at offense and defense, Lex can bear the brunt of the Physical Defense.

Front rowTravis, Josef
Back rowScarlett

With Travis and Josef in the front on either side and Scarlett in the back, you have a well-balanced team focusing more on defense and evasion. Travis can steal PP from the enemy, while Josef on horseback is effective against infantry enemies.

Meanwhile, Scarlett in the back aids with healing assists as the party leader. She’s also good against enemies wearing armor, and can still provide some offensive magic attacks.

Front rowHodrick
Back rowAubin, Chloe

This time we have just one person in front, which is Hodrick, then two in the back with Aubin and Chloe. Hodrick is a Hoplite who can provide great defense with his large shield to protect allies.

Chloe in the back is a Soldier who can pierce enemies in lines, but she can also heal her allies. There’s also Aubin who acts as the main DPS of the group. As the party leader, Aubin can easily break gates and barricades.

Front rowTravis, Hodrick
Back rowRolf

Another great unit formation is Travis and Hodrick in the front, and Rolf behind them. Rolf as the party leader can provide ranged assists for his allies.

Then there’s Travis, who we know to be great for stealing PP from enemies before they can act. Hodrick stands beside him to act as the party’s defense.

While creating formations and playing Unicorn Overlord is fun in itself, did you know that there’s a Unicorn Overlord card game?

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