Ace Patrol

    I think I’ll call my pilot “Major Props.”

    Return to a time when Red Baron was more than just a pizza brand, and take control of some WWI fighter planes in Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol. At least, you’ll be able to do that sometime soon. It’s due for a Steam release at some point today, but following the database link at present just returns you to the storefront page.

    When it does become available, it’ll be priced at $10.00 USD. That’s effectively the same cost as buying it on iOS with all the DLC and add-ons (the base game is free, but the rest of it adds up to $10.00).

    Ace Patrol is a hex-based, tactical title where you can level up your planes and pilots in an effort to bring WWI to a swifter close (maybe by Christmas, eh?) Here’s a trailer to give you more of an idea.

    Peter Parrish

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