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Sker Ritual Best Miracle Combinations

Looks like beggars can be choosers.

In Sker Ritual, you’ll be benefiting from Miracles given by the Gods to boost your skills and items. These Miracles are really quite powerful, and you get a choice of three every time you’re bestowed one. Let’s go over the best combination of Miracles in Sker Ritual.

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Best Miracle loadout in Sker Ritual

It may be tempting to simply take the best Miracles in Sker Ritual for each slot and be done with it, however, many of the later Miracles will synergize with each other, making them greater than the sum of their parts. In choosing your Miracles, you’re essentially constructing a build.

Sker Ritual Neckelavee Miracles
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In my experience, the poison Miracles and synergies granted by Nuckelavee have provided the best synergies, so expect this build to revolve around poison.

Miracle SlotName of MiracleMiracle Effect
Tier 1 (Gun)Poison Fire (Nuckelavee)Inflicts poison damage over 5 seconds.
Tier 1 (Molotov)Poison Bomb (Nuckelavee)Inflicts good poison damage to enemies with an extended radius for 10 seconds.
Tier 1 (Elixir)Speed Elixir (Goon Brenn)Sprint Faster for 40 seconds.
Tier 1 (Melee)Hard Stab (Cyhyraeth)Increases stab damage
Tier 1 (Ultimate)Sonar Storm (Cyhyraeth)Stuns enemies and makes them take more damage for a short time.
Tier 2Toxic (Nuckelavee)When a poison effect expires, nearby enemies are damaged.
Tier 2Poison Prawn (Nuckelavee)Deal increased damage to poisoned enemies.
Tier 2Right Stunner (Cyhyraeth)Increases stun duration by a good amount.
Tier 3Fire Rage (Draig)Killing an enemy increases the damage of your next attack by 50%.
Tier 4Soul Syphon (Cyhyraeth/Nuckelavee)All attacks have a small chance of healing you.

With this build, you’ll benefit greatly from a fully automatic weapon. The idea here is to stun and poison enemies to deal even more damage to them whilst they can’t do too much about it. Although only the Ultimate here will end up stunning enemies, you’ll be popping it when surrounded to get them off your back.

With Poison Prawn, you’ll be dealing extra damage to poisoned enemies, which every hit of your gun will be achieving. Whenever you shoot or throw your Molotov, you’ll be poisoning enemies, and you’ll be dealing extra damage on top of the currant poison damage.

With Draig’s Fire Rage Miracle, you’ll also be benefiting from an extra 50% every time you kill an enemy, which should hopefully be often.

I decided to take the Hard Stab melee Miracle as it increases your melee damage a solid amount. When benefiting from the extra damage from Fire Rage and Poison Prawn, if you set yourself up correctly, your melee ability should deal significant damage. This is super useful against enemies like Abraham with incredible high HP.

And finally, the Soul Syphon should come in handy with that aforementioned full auto.

With this Miracle loadout, you’ll be able to face anything the game throws at you. So you can finally beat the Cursed Lands of Lavernock.

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