After Monday’s reversal on the subject of paid Skyrim mods, we asked our readership how they felt about Valve and Bethesda’s decision to backtrack. Votes have been coming in across the week, and here are the final results.

33% of those responding agreed with the sentiment that “It’s the right decision, this particular implementation was terrible,” referring to the problems with copyright, ownership and lack of regulatory oversight in Valve’s system. Another 22% professed themselves “glad,” because “paid mods are wrong in principle.”

The third strand of those who were in favour of a backtrack are the 21% who are happy enough for now, but said they are “concerned that paid Skyrim mods are still on Valve’s agenda in some way.”

Combined, that means that 75% of the hundreds who responded were in broad agreement that Valve and Bethesda’s change of mind over paid Skyrim mods was the right decision.

Of the remaining 25%, 19% said “I want a method of paying modders for their work, I hope Valve return with a better system.” Which, actually, could mean they were against the initial system as well. It’s hard to tell, and that’s my fault for being imprecise with the wording of the possible answers. Sorry.

There’s no doubt over the other 6%, however, who said “Valve shouldn’t have caved, the market would’ve worked itself out in time.” Those responders clearly felt the Skyrim mods system just needed more time to flourish.

Here are the final tallies. We’ll be running another poll in due course.

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