Slow Roads is a relaxing driving game that can be played endlessly on your browser

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If you ever find yourself bored and wanting to pass the time without committing to anything, you may want to try out Slow Roads. Made by creative developer ansloSlow Road functions as a simple browser game in which you drive endlessly across scenic, procedurally-generated roads. Now, you may want to know how much it costs, but fortunately, there is no cost. You can boot the game up whenever you want and drive to your heart’s content without worrying about any larger goals, time-consuming downloads or pesky monetization. You don’t even need a particularly good PC to run it.

According to anslo, Slow Roads mainly serves as an experiment for procedurally-generated scenery as well as for “testing the boundaries of 3D application development within JavaScript.” But in terms of the game itself, anslo created it to pay tribute to the Peak District area in the United Kingdom, in addition to the arcade rally games they would frequently play as a kid.


Will the game receive updates?

The developer spent 16 months making Slow Roads full-time, but since the game lacks any advertisements or any real means to make revenue aside from donations, they cannot continue developing full-time moving forward. However, this doesn’t mean that anslo has no future plans for the game, as they expressed a willingness to design more features for it if players are interested and want to support development through donations. The developer provided a list of potential features that they may implement in the future, including additional vehicle types and even some competitive modes and leaderboards.

Over the following weeks, anslo will write up a few blog posts about Slow Roads that go over the central components of the game. If you want to learn more about the game in-between rounds of stress-free driving, press the Esc key on the game’s browser page.

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