Sniper Elite 5 Secret Weapons Kill List Mission 7 Dr Jungers

Secret Weapons is the seventh mission in Sniper Elite 5‘s campaign. In it, Fairburne goes deeper into enemy lines to discover multiple V2 rockets aimed at the Allied advance in Normandy. Still, you might want to eliminate a particular target for a weapon unlock and extra XP. Here’s our Sniper Elite 5 Secret Weapons Kill List guide to help you take out Doctor Christian Jungers in Mission 7.

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Sniper Elite 5 – Secret Weapons Kill List guide (Mission 7 – Doctor Christian Jungers)

Doctor Christian Jungers, your Secret Weapons Kill List target in Sniper Elite 5, can be found in a hangar in the northeastern portion of the map. The challenge requires you to assassinate him using a V2 rocket.

Snp El5 M7 Kl 1

Granted, there are a lot of side objectives in this mission, many of which involve sabotaging the deadly payload of those bombs. There are even those that take you to Workbench locations in the level.

However, if you just want to focus on your target, then you’ll want to head to the large facility all the way north. Before you reach it, hang a right on the road until you arrive at a hangar on the hillside.

Snp El5 M7 Kl 2

Jungers will be talking to a couple of soldiers at the entrance. Do not, under any circumstances, eliminate him as is. Instead, I would suggest dropping the other guards silently and then rushing up to Junger to do a non-lethal takedown (i.e., press “C” in melee range).

With Jungers incapacitated, you can go ahead and clear the area of other hostiles so they don’t bother you with your task.

Sniper Elite 5 Secret Weapons Kill List Mission 7 Dr Jungers 1a

Once the coast is clear, carry Jungers’ body to the left-hand side of the hangar (as seen in the featured image of this guide). There, you’ll spot a V2 rocket attached to a mechanism. Drop Junger on the ground underneath it, then shoot the winch to crush him.

Technically, this still counts as an elimination by way of a V2 rocket. As such, this will also complete the Doctor Jungers Secret Weapons Kill List task in Sniper Elite 5. You’ll receive the RSC 1918 for your efforts.

Sniper Elite 5 Secret Weapons Kill List Mission 7 Dr Jungers 1b

Sniper Elite 5 is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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