Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Gwc 2 Maladh Wadi Missions Challenges Guide

Eliminate the Contact

You should find a tower that provides a good vantage point to spot the hostiles in the village in the distance.


There are three suspects here, but only one is the correct target (it’s the person who’s smoking). It’s kind of like that objective in Arakchayev Fortress in the previous game.

Anyway, wait for the opportune time and eliminate the target.

Snp Ghcon2 Wldmd 1

You may also attempt various challenges here, such as taking out all three suspects in the village without raising the alarm. Heck, you can even kill all the soldiers and snipers in the village and the nearby ruins. These challenges are very much doable since there are various ways to distract the other guards so you can split them up.

There is, however, one particular challenge that I wasn’t able to do, and that’s killing all three suspects simultaneously or within seconds of each other. The sniper turret simply won’t work since the enemies are more than a thousand meters away. Likewise, although two of the targets tend to bunch up fairly close to each other (near the heavy trooper), I couldn’t find a way to make the third one move near them.

In any case, let’s discuss how to put an end to Taj Taheer in the next section of our Maladh Wadi level guide for Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2.

Snp Ghcon2 Wldmd 2

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