For those who prefer to create rather than destroy in video games, fond memories of Tycoon games likely occupy your mind. It’s a lot of fun to let the imagination run wild as you build virtual theme parks and attractions for crowds of guests to enjoy. That certainly was the case for the team behind Snowtopia, as Tea For Two Games included “Ski Resort Tycoon” in the name to make the theme clear. The name of the game should have clued you in already, but Snowtopia is about building the ultimate winter ski resorts for guests to enjoy. More importantly, Snowtopia is now available on Steam for you to enjoy via the Early Access program.

The developer also released some new information detailing what to expect in the current build of the game in addition to upcoming features. As already mentioned, Snowtopia allows players to build the ultimate ski resort. You can create custom slopes of varying difficulties, design ski lift systems to ferry guests to the top of mountains, and focus on amenities for when they come back tired at the end of the day. Snowtopia is all about keeping people happy, and different guests will have different ideas of what constitutes a good time. The details are important when it comes to alpine recreation.


Cool gameplay and a (typically) chill time

Tea for Two Games also released a new trailer to show off a little bit of the gameplay you can expect. Things look pretty tame for now, but that is by design. As you learn to master the art of running complex operations, the development team will be hard at work creating “an avalanche of new features.” That will include avalanches in a literal sense, actually. Running ski resorts sounds like a dramatic affair.

You can also look forward to more things like dynamic weather, snow cannons, ski schools, more buildings, and new staff models. And yes, even modding will be welcome in future versions of the game.

If Snowtopia’s snowy peaks pique your interest, you can pick up the Steam Early Access version via a limited time promotion for 10% off. The full price of $24.99 USD will go back into effect on February 2.

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