In light of trying times, Sony’s investors have opted to keep Kaz Hirai as CEO, and also keep his directors as is, although it may not necessarily be a sign of faith in their management.

The CEO was heckled throughout his presentation, even as he defended his performance, as well as explain the exodus of talent, plans for wearable products and the apparent new perception of the poor quality of their products. One particular investor outright expressed his disappointment for Hirai, asking him if Sony can ever recover the glory of their Walkman years.

There does not seem to be much talk of Playstation either, although it can be inferred that Hirai brought it up as a talking point.

Still, Hirai’s proposals were all approved, including one giving stock options to executives and employees. It’s hard to gauge what the feeling is among Sony investors right now, but at least for now, Hirai retains his chance to right the ship.

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