Sony Loves That Gamers Are Still Interested In The Last Guardian

Between you and me dear reader, one of the main reasons I bought a PS3 back in 2009 (when I already owned an Xbox 360) was because the first trailer for The Last Guardian had just been released. I’m a huge fan of Team ICO’s Shadow of the Colossus and ICO and I was so excited to play another one of their games. Fast forward five years and The Last Guardian still hasn’t been released despite a total of seven years in development. Fortunately great PS3 games like Uncharted, The Last of Us and Metal Gear Solid 4 saved me from regretting my Sony purchase but every now and then I wonder whatever is going on with The Last Guardian. Finally we get a little more news on the game and it seems pretty good.

In a recent interview with IGN, Scott Rhode, one of the guys in charge of Sony’s roster of fully owned studios shed some light on the mysterious game and confirmed that it is “absolutely in the mix”.

“You’re going to be very frustrated by this answer,”said Rhode “but it is 100 percent the God’s honest truth, and that is that we want to make great games. And when we see that the public is so interested in a specific game, of course that drives us to want to complete that game. But it also drives us to want to make it great. We would not want to ship that game if we don’t think it’s great.”

When IGN asked if it would still be a PS3 game or whether it would be upgraded to the PS4 Rhode would not reveal but he did say: “not going to announce what platform it’s coming on, who’s working on it, who’s involved. But that is still a title that’s absolutely in the mix at Worldwide Studios. That’s the most you’re gonna get.”

Later in the conversation Rhode said he “actually like[s] talking about The Last Guardian. I love that people are still interested in it. That’s an honor to us. That’s not just me spinning… It’s really cool that people are still interested in it, and we’re trying to make the best thing we can out of The Last Guardian.”

The Last Guardian was first revealed in 2009 but the following year it was not presented at E3. It was then announced for a 2011 release but that came and went without a word from Sony. In 2011  gameplay footage was shown but the game then suffered many more delays. In late 2011 the game’s executive producer quit Sony to work elsewhere, then creator of The Last Guardian, Fumito Ueda also left Sony but promised to continue working on the game as a contractor. In early 2012 Sony confirmed the game was still in development but then in June they revealed the game was put on a hiatus so they could work on Knack. In September 2013, Sony said they wanted to reintroduce the game. Team Ico’s last game was released in 2005 and was of course the brilliant Shadow of the Colossus. Will The Last Guardian be present at this years E3? Only time will tell.

Source: IGN


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