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I’m all for dark fantasy, and especially games that embrace that particular and brutal genre. Naturally, the announcement for Soulstice managed to snap me out of my E3 lull during the PC Gaming Show earlier today. It clearly takes some cues from Souls-like games, making its name just a little on the nose. The gameplay trailer for Soulstice also shows a game with clear Berserk influences, so I’m completely on board.

Soulstice stars Briar, who wears dark armor and wields a massive sword. Actually, it looks to big to be a sword; more like a hunk of iron. She’s also missing an eye, further embracing that Guts style. But despite the weapon’s size, Briar is swift on her feet, dodging blows and ripping enemies to bloody chunks.


Floating behind her isn’t a fairy, however, but her sister, Lute. In the game’s story, both Briar and Lute are transformed into Chimera, offering each sister a unique power. For Briar, she’s granted speed and strength. Lute, however, was the more unfortunate of the two, as her soul was torn from her body. Now, Lute is bound to her sister, assisting with spiritual powers. Okay, so there’s some Fullmetal Alchemist in here, too (sort of). You know what? I’m liking the sound of Soulstice more and more.

Soulstice – E3 Announcement Trailer Gameplay Berserk 2

Taking them down, one at a time

As Soulstice is very much an action-RPG like Dark Souls, expect some big dudes to fight. The gameplay trailer for Soulstice showed off some one-on-one boss battles against some incredibly tough-looking foes. There’s one that looks fast and agile, armed with a bow. And there’s also a chunky boy swinging around a massive hammer.

The game will include more than just combat. Soulstice will boast exploration and puzzle solving, highlighting a “coming-of-age” story where the sisters bond over bloodshed.

Soulstice is heading to PC via Steam in 2022.

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