Spirittea: How to get the Purifying Elixir

How To Get The Purifying Elixir Spirittea
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After resolving blank text boxes, Spirittea hasn’t had enough of messing with its own interface. Here’s how to get the Purifying Elixir to clean up the goop on the text boxes in Spirittea.

Purifying Elixir recipe location – Where to find the graveyard in Spirittea

This event triggers after you restore the memory of the spirit Onishi and increase your spirituality to another level. As Wonyan warns, he causes mischief again and covers the text boxes in a blue goop. Wonyan tells you the recipe for the elixir to fix this is buried in a graveyard outside of town.

First of all, make sure you buy a shovel from the General Store for 400 Moolags. After that, where is this graveyard the game has never mentioned before, you may ask? I’ll save you the aimless running around I did to figure it out. It’s that staircase on the right going down from the Temple.

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Dig in front of the grave next to the ocean by selecting the shovel in your backpack and pressing left shift, and the recipe scroll will come out of the ground for you to collect. Now, we get to make the elixir.

Purifying Elixir needs a Sakura Blossom, acquired from the tree to the right of the bathhouse entrance, rice wine, and white rice. The latter two come from the Convenience Store. When you go to make the elixir, make sure you change the process from bake to ferment. Otherwise, you’ll get junk instead of the elixir.

With the elixir made, the textbox is cleaned on the spot. Keep the recipe in mind, though, as every time an Onishi comes to the bathhouse, they’ll goop up whatever bath they’re put in.

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