Splinter Cell: Conviction will feature a six-hour co-op campaign, in addition to a multiplayer “challenge” mode.Official Xbox Magazine (via 1UP) has the scoop, revealing that the six-hour co-op campaign is a prologue to the main plot and features American Archer and Russian Kestrel as the two unlikely comrades.Going by the write-up, co-op will feature most of the gameplay components featured in the single-player campaign, including the “mark and execute” system, the “last known position” stealth mechanic, interrogations, and more. There will also be co-op specific moves, such as the ability to elbow a foe that grabs you in order to give your partner a clear shot, as well as the ability to resuscitate your partner if they go down. Should they go down, they’re not entirely out of the fight, though; they can still provide covering fire if they don’t fancy playing dead.When you’re done with that, there are still the multiplayer challenge modes to deal with. These are set within the co-op stages, as well as on a couple of extra maps, and span the following gametypes:Hunter – Kill all enemiesInfiltration – Kill all enemies without being detectedLast Stand – Fight off waves of enemies to protect an EMPFace Off – Players go head-to-head with customisable AI opponentsSounds good? It gets better when you learn the beating the co-op campaign will grant you points that can be spent on upgrading your tools.A lot of the information here was hinted at in the website hacks, which also contain info on just who Archer and Kestrel are. Take a peek at our hacked info round-ups – here, here, and here – to find out more.Splinter Cell: Conviction is due out on PC and Xbox 360 in February.

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