Squad: Version 17 brings commanders, drones, artillery to hardcore FPS

Squad Version 17 patch

Squad is the hardcore military simulation FPS for people who are tired of ARMAs refusal to engage with a human-created control scheme. The Version 17 patch introduces a lot of new stuff.

Squad is basically Project Reality, the hit Battlefield 2 mod-cum-actual game, with better graphics and whatever shiny bells and whistles being based on a modern brings to the fore. It’s still in early access, and it is being constantly patched. Version 17 is the newest, adding a slew of amazing stuff to the FPS title.

Previously, a team in Squad was just a bunch of, uh, squads that their individual leaders tried to coordinate. There was nobody there to put the foot down and try to herd these flocks of cats. Well, the new commander role — elected from the team’s squad leaders — will fill that void. The commander will be using and abusing their authority via the command map, which is like the regular map available to all the players, but with a lot of swanky tools.

More than just herding squadies

For example, you’ll be able to call in UAVs! Just like every other multiplayer FPS under the sun, Squad will now feature limited-duration surveillance UAVs that will come in super useful in locating the enemy shimmying behind your lines. For the Militia and Insurgents, they’ll have access to less sophisticated man-portable quadrotor drones.


So you have your eyes on some dastardly enemies waving shovels near a parked truck. What do you do? You call in the artillery. Conventional forces in Squad will have access to 150mm tubes, with the option to customize type, angle, and spread. (Militia and insurgents get mortars instead.) Not satisfied with having “the king of battles” at your fingertips? Call in close air support, which will materialize as either a gun run (Yes, the A-10 BRRRT is in the game now.) or a rocket salvo.

But don’t get too comfortable: The conventional forces will only be able to call in these measures when next to a fully constructed HAB. Militia and insurgents will be able to do it when close to their vehicles as well as their HABs.

The Squad devs also mentioned something about lighting optimization, stamina regeneration overhaul, stuff about vehicle gearboxes… but who cares about that when you can shatter their sky?

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