Star Wars Attack Squadron

Digitally remastered for more lens flare.

This game news just reminded me that Disney own the rights to Star Wars. Boo. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the people behind Star Wars Attack Squadron had to go and write “free to play” next to the term “space combat.” Double boo.

Thanks to a ‘reveal’ trailer that doesn’t seem to have any relationship to how the game will actually look and play, and with no clear details about how the “free to play” aspect will work, it’s tough to be in any way optimistic about this title. Other than the fact that it has X-Wings in it, and they’re still pretty neat. I guess.

There’s also big flashing clue about micro-transactions, as in Star Wars Attack Squadron you’ll apparently be able to “upgrade and personalise your ships.” Remember when that used to sound like an interesting feature, rather than an opportunity for a company to squeeze some more money out of you? Ahh, happy days.

Up to sixteen players will be able to take part in three different player-vs-player modes: free-for-all, team deathma … sorry, dogfight and base defense. The link above will take you to a place where you can, if you wish, sign up for beta testing.

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