July 7th, 2017

Star Citizen anti-cheat systems are being worked on – Violators being banned

Star Citizen anti-cheat systems are being worked on – Violators being banned

A few days ago we reported that there was already an aimbot and wall hack cheat for Star Citizen’s FPS mode Star Marine. CIG are now looking to address the problem.

Cheat prevention in Star Citizen and Squadron 42 is a priority for us, and we have gathered lots of feedback from internal and external sources since the initial release of Star Marine. Rest assured, we have already begun banning violators as well as working on short-term, and long-term solutions for preventing the use of 3rd party programs.

Requesting video evidence helps us achieve a few things – It substantiates claims made by players, which we compare with our internal data, and it helps us improve the functionality of our tools to better combat cheaters proactively.

I’ve collected some feedback from this thread and will send it to the appropriate party so that our messaging is more clear going forward.

It’s a bit strange CIG is asking for video evidence to be sent over indicating that there is really nothing in place at all to tackle this right now. Hopefully this will be sorted as development progresses because cheating in shooters can be a real problem.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • vander

      “It’s a bit strange CIG is asking for video evidence to be sent over
      indicating that there is really nothing in place at all to tackle this
      right now.”

      I guess that’s required because just high kill death ratio doesn’t mean the player uses a cheat. Players using cheats can use them just occasionally to get high score but not too high to get caught.

      • David York DeCosta

        It’s better to see what weapons your enemy uses against you rather than spending time and energy guessing before hand only to be wrong. Right now in alpha it doesn’t really matter. Now is the time to see as much cheating as you can. THEN develop ways to combat the cheats and hacks.

        I understand people are salty when encountering cheaters. I myself have encountered them in SM. It’s crazy to see players with 48:5 KDRs when the next best players have around 10-15:6-8 KDRs. But it’s just the 1st iteration of the module. It’s not bad and is fun for the first drop. It should only get better as more functionality is added.

        • vander

          Totally agree. As irritating as it is, it is good that cheating and ramming happens now on development stage so they have better change to be prepared them once the game has released.

          Subsumption should be added to game soon and it should be able to handle ramming. It definitely will need a lot of work and tuning and now is good change to work on that.

        • Roblight

          A 48:5 KDRs is not really a good indicator of if somebody is cheating. I myself have had a few matches where I have a crazy good score like that but that is more from the fact that the enemy team has no idea how to really play the game not from me using cheats.

          A lot of newer players do not understand key parts of the game that help get you scores like that such as how the guns fire the bullets, where to aim in order to get headshots, how to use radar, best places to position to defend a point and these are just a few things. Another big factor is ping and sometimes just luck.

          I fully support CIG in banning anybody found using cheats and I hope they don’t feel any form of obligation or need to refund them anything if they ask. The cheater donated money, cheated in the game violating the TOS so they are not getting anything back.

          • Uncle_Fred

            Agreed. The best way to address this is for CIG to get their hands on the cheat, and then harden the game itself to address various scripts. We did this on our our Source engine servers and were successful at stopping aimbot scripts.

            Some players are just crazy good.

          • FlukeLSX

            The problem with your assessment is that people with shit pings are scoring 48:5 KDR’s, not someone like me who pings 40ms.

            I’m lucky if I get 3:1 at best with a 40ms ping granted I’m not the best player out there, but even pro FPS’ers don’t score 13:1 KDR’s consistently. That kind of skill hasn’t been seen in the FPS genre for the last 10-15 years, unless it was an aimbot. And those pro gamers are people like Thresh from Quake2, who beat the #2 player in the world with a KDR of 10:1.

          • David York DeCosta

            No you’re right I was more making a point. But if you’re playing with experienced players (all things being equal) and one player is just CRUSHING the rest of the field. It might be something someone should look into.

    • Kody R Boen

      There is nothing to actually detect it, the hacks are exploiting clientside based information. CIG messed up when handling some very sensitive things clientside which I won’t say WHAT exactly is, but yeah.

      • Leperray

        Hence the Alpha status: not bug free, requiring solid testing to iron out all kind of bugs and balance issue. it is not like SM is going released as an FPS game next week. But in the meantime it is important to ban real cheater (hence the video proof) in order to not disgust average joe tester.

    • StarDagger

      They should be sued until they realize that this is not something that you do in 2017.

      When 5 or 10 people have lost 250,000$ this will stop.