Star Citizen Arena Commander released – Gladiator hangar ready

Star Citizen

It’s another Star Citizen Arena Commander update. What excitement does this one bring?

This looks like a minor update from Cloud Imperium but look closer and you’ll see that the Gladiator is listed. Just for fun there are also some festive holiday decorations being added to the game and these will be set to live soon. There’s also a now a drunk effect for heavy drinkers, but remember kids, alcohol and space flight don’t mix.

Here’s your patch notes.


  • Gladiator is now hangar ready
  • Added Holiday Wreath to game files but it is not yet visible in game
  • Added drunk effect for the Liquor Cabinet (Please drink responsibly)

Known Issues:

  • Strafe up and down is inconsistent in Hornet
  • Power plant explosions don’t inherit velocity of the ship they emanate from
  • Wingmen stop flying between waves in Vanduul Swarm
  • Wingman don’t react to being shot by allies
  • Game Client steals mouse focus when loading into the hangar

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