Chris Roberts has come up online to explain why Star Citizen has been delayed again, and what they are doing to keep themselves accountable to fans today.

You can read Chris Roberts’ full statement below:

Game developers classify bugs based on their severity: blockers, critical, major, moderate and minor. The most serious of these, blockers, are bugs that completely prevent the game from working and from being in a releasable state. Unfortunately, as of tonight, there are still two blockers and half a dozen critical issues (which we would like to fix before launch). Our biggest issue today is a newly developed DirectX crash which breaks the single player Vanduul Swarm mode every backer will be given access to. It would be foolish to release an unstable build, even if pre-alpha for the sake of meeting an internal deadline.

In order to keep our backers as informed as possible, I’m asking the production team to provide DAILY updates for the community until Arena Commander V0.8 ships. This will be the raw stuff: lists of bugs and other information to tell you the current health of the build. You will see the same information I do, and you will be able to follow as we resolve each ‘blocker’ preventing the build’s release.

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