Star Citizen partners with MyRadar weather app to explore Star Citizen moons

Star Citizen partners with MyRadar weather app to explore Star Citizen moons

Here’s some odd Star Citizen partnership news, CIG has partnered with MyRadar, a weather tracking mobile app with ten million active monthly users. The app shows weather across the globe and has expanded its data visualization capabilities by offering satellite imagery for other celestial bodies, including Mars.

This latest partnership will allow users of the app to explore three of the new moons (Yela, Cellin and Daymar ) in the upcoming 3.0 update directly on the MyRadar app. Users of the app will be able to pan around the new Star Citizen moons and zoom in to check out their landscapes and features.

“This is a really cool and unique way to put our data visualization technology to work,” said Andy Green, CEO of ACME.  “In bringing virtual worlds into view, players and explorers alike can take a virtual trip to another planet.”

“Andy Green and his MyRadar team came to us with the idea to include elements of Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 in the latest update to their outstanding weather app,” said CIG CEO Chris Roberts. “We were excited by the possibility and provided them with some of the data from the Moons of 3.0 created by our soon to debut procedural planet technology. Now MyRadar users can explore the moons of Yela, Cellin and Daymar while they are searching for their latest weather forecasts.“

While this is probably not much use to players currently, it’s a nice gimmick and marketing exercise. How useful it will be to see the weather on Yela, Cellin and Daymar remains to be seen. Star Citizen 3.0 is still in testing with the Evocati group but with any luck, it will be released to the masses in the not too distant future.

To find out what’s been happening with Star Citizen development, check out CitizenCon 2017 report.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • LightsOut

      Finish the damn game!!!!!!!!!

      • samplerico

        Theyr not gonna finish, this game development is now aparently never ending, Chris Roberts himself said that, not me.

        • Ulric L. Wolf

          Well the be ‘fair’ originally it was supposed to be the ‘core’ released then development continue after…

          5+ years later and we’re waiting on the core & everything + the kitchen sink before ‘release’…

          • samplerico

            Yeah you are right, i think the only real stuff coming before release will be my refund…

        • Joe Blobers

          … and you missed the point is was talking about the MMO part. Star Citizen is like WOW. It is never ending because as a MMO, they will keep adding contents after initial release. Don’t look for any other explaination… Scam/vaporware/Jpges is not even used by the worst troll around anymore 🙂

        • The Traveller

          WoW is still being developed. Where’s the outrage?

          • pmanhart

            You have got to be kidding me. This is sarcastic, right?

            WoW didn’t launch with one small starting area, with no NPCs, and you have to buy all of your weapons and armor with real money, allowing whales to instantly purchase the best of the best and defeat everyone else in PVP. If you are being serious, this has to be the absolute worst comparison I have ever seen in my life.

            • Joe Blobers

              You don’t have to buy anything beside a 45$ starter package. Game is now Alpha 3.2. Second time in a row CIG deliver in time quarterly patch with more contents, gameplay and performance improvement.
              By the way. WOW was not funded either on kickstarter model…

    • Primeval Atom

      Star Citizen is already turning out to be an amazing game =D
      In December – January the game will release alpha version 3.0 and with it our adventures will be persistence.
      This month in November there will be an anniversary sale and the game will be the cheapest and have the longest insurance available. There is not a better time to get into the game 🙂 I myself plan to buy a second account.
      Using this code at account creation will give you an additional 5000 credit to spend in game.

    • Daniel Stapleford

      this one speaks like a backer, he even knows about the Evocati & can spell it.

    • Joe Blobers

      Currently +800 Evocati helping to iron out 3.0 (dedicated Backers doing numerous tests prior to release to all Backers).

      And as usual Ulric L. Wolf in comments section spreading his hate about SC 🙂 Replying to him is plain useless… Who care why a team of 12 end of Nov. 2012 with 6 M$ can’t deliver 2x Triple-A games that push all space game features to the next level, graphic fidelity included. My best 45$ spent ever!