It’s almost like clockwork, every Friday another $1m is raised for Star Citizen as more content unlocks for backers and another goal is unveiled.

Now that this $23 million goal is in the bag, the Xi’an Scout  has been unlocked which is going to be fantastic to try because unlike the other ships, this alien vessel moves on multiple axes utilising thrusters on articulated rigs.

Backers will also now receive a model of the Khartu (the light attack craft of the Xi’An military) in their hangar. Expect that to appear in a future hangar update.

Moving on to the next goal reveal, and it’s a biggie if you’re a non-US player. Cloud Imperium want to expand the alpha test further for the first phase by launching servers in Europe and Australia to reduce latency. The $25 goal means that more can be invested in the server infrastructure and they will also be able to increase the number of alpha slots available to players.

More players could really speed up the testing process, and by adding more servers, come launch the game should have got over any latency teething problems. We hope.

Finally, there is some great new concept art showing the Retaliator cockpit design. Lovely Stuff.

Star Citizen - RETALIATOR

Star Citizen - RETALIATOR

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