July 17th, 2015

Star Citizen updates and Gamescom Friday reveals detailed by Chris Roberts

Star Citizen

On Friday Star Citizen backers will find out what’s in store for the game but we have some more details now.

Update: Watch the live stream here.

Speaking on a live stream this morning, Chris Roberts outlined some of their plans for the game in the weeks ahead as well as what they will be showing at the Gamescom event tomorrow.

On Friday backers will be shown remodelled hangars which will be released in the 0.9 update to the game. 0.9 will also come with two new Arena Commander game modes which will be shown on Friday. Of particular interest to the community will be the reveal of multi-crew ships which is also planned for the event.

The 0.9 update, which is due for release in around two weeks, will also come with keybinding customisation but the updated HUD design won’t make it into that update. However, 6DoF (6 Degrees of Freedom) support is coming with the keybinding changes

Looking ahead to v1.0 of Arena Commander, a full matchmaking lobby will be added but there will be the ability to invite your friends to matches in 0.9. It also looks like v1.0 is about two months away from release.

Chris did talk about the monetisation system in Star Citizen briefly also which will allow “lazy” players to buy¬†credits with real money in case they don’t have time due to real life to earn credits in-game.

Watch out for tomorrow’s reveals and we’ll keep you up to date with all the news coming out of the event.

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