star citizen arena commander

If you stay up too long waiting for Star Citizen, this may happen to you.

The release of Star Citizen’s Arena Commander mode should now be imminent, as Roberts Space Industries confirms it is uploading to server partners. In a new update post on the RSI official site, the team say it “should be available to play later tonight.”

Update: It’s out now!

That’s only “tonight” if you live in the right time zone, of course. For most European Star Citizen devotees, it’ll be the early hours of Wednesday morning at best. Still, if you’ve chugged enough energy drinks and stayed up through the night in Europe, you may (and I stress, may) be rewarded in due course.

Here’s the full update:

Greetings Citizens,

The go/no-go meeting has happened and the word is GO! Arena Commander V0.8 is currently being uploaded to our server partners. If all goes according to plan, the module should be available to play later tonight! There’s no need to keep reloading your Star Citizen Launcher: we will post here as soon as the download is available.

So, keep hammering F5 on that RSI official site and hope everything does, indeed, go according to plan.

In addition to that positive release news, the development team has uploaded a collection of bug-related “body horror” shots for you to marvel at. They include such wonders as the contorted gentleman above. Still, it looks like he’s having a jolly nice time anyway.

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