July 15th, 2015

Star Citizen’s Arena Commander “almost there,” may launch Tuesday

Star Citizen’s Arena Commander “almost there,” may launch Tuesday

Followers of Star Citizen are waiting, hangers moist with anticipation, for the release of the Arena Commander dogfighting mode. It was delayed from a proposed 30 May release date last week, and the latest word from Roberts Space Industries is that dogfighting is “almost there.”

chris roberts star citizen
Mr. Roberts there, looking a bit sleepy.

In a short update post on the official Star Citizen site, the team explain that a meeting will be held tomorrow (Tuesday) morning to decide whether Arena Commander is ready for release. Here’s the full text.

“We’re almost there! A weekend of hard testing revealed several blockers in the current Release Candidate. The team has worked to resolve these today, and believe we have a good build now. Our internal QA group will be testing it overnight tonight, with our next “go/no-go” meeting scheduled for early tomorrow morning. The good news is that we’re closer than ever, and our efforts over the weekend had the team resolving issues on the fly as they were found by QA.

We will update you tomorrow morning (US time) on the results of the go/no-go meeting.”

That’s not a definite release statement, but it suggests that Star Citizen fans will be dogfighting amongst the stars sooner rather than later. Tuesday night could be a late one for space sim enthusiasts with deep pockets.

Update: The latest on this is that the “go/no go” meeting has been pushed to later in the day. Looks like more waiting is in store.

Update 2: As of 9.35pm Pacific there is no new information on the Roberts Space Industries site. Doesn’t seem like Arena Commander is going to make it on anybody’s Tuesday.

Update 3: My classic reverse-jinx has paid off. The latest word is that a release of Arena Commander is imminent. Version 0.8 is being uploaded to server partners now.

In addition to that news, there was a new “10 for the Chairman” episode released today. To answer a question you probably have: no, Chris Roberts didn’t talk about the Arena Commander release. But he did discuss matters like hanger sharing. You can watch that video, below.

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    • CUF

      “Tuesday night could be a late one for space sim enthusiasts with deep pockets.”

      Sim enthusiasts with Deep pockets?

      You can spend 30$ and get access to the alpha, beta the full single player game and the MMO game. This isn’t ED where it cost $150 to get into the beta.

      • jacob

        Ok, I’ve seen “ED” thrown around a lot, but what is it? I’ve tried to look up what ED is but haven’t gotten anything.

        • Mike

          After a bit of googling, I believe ED is Elite: Dangerous. Looks decent but like someone else said, early access to the beta is a minimum $150, Star Citizen is only $40 to get in to beta.

      • Tufao

        ED is “Elite: Dangerous”, a game that was also crowd-funded, a Space Sim created by the father of the Space Sims, from the original series Elite. It is already in Beta and it is not missing deadlines like Star Citizen.

        Star Citizen claims to be less expensive, since you get access to Alpha just paying about 45 dollars, while the access to Elite costs 150 dollars. But the difference is that in Elite you get everything, while in SC, by 30 bucks you only gets one ships, and cannot fly with other ships unless you pay real money for them. Each ship is very expensive and since they are going to keep this Pay Wall for a long time (probably until the official release of the full game) you will end spend tons of money with Star Citizen. They promised that you will earn in-game credits to buy ships with gameplay, but that only will happen after this “official” release that is going to happen not earlier than the end of 2016, according with a recent interview that CR game to the Gamestar magazine (a German game magazine).
        So, ED is more honest and clear, do not spend their time with marketing fluff to make you addicted and keeping visiting their website, showing usually useless information, like the SC team does, while Star Citizen is a disguise, they try to brainwash you with their marketing fluff and you will end to spend much more money, just like those F2P games that are not free at all, since the only free thing is the download and to play with other cool stuff you have to pay. But it is worst, since it is not even free to download. Again, they claim that will allow you to earn in-game credits, but that is a big joke, since meanwhile, for years, you will have a game almost like full, akin of a MOBA like World of Tanks, but having to pay real money to play with whatever asset (ship) that you did not pay for yet.
        Star Citizen is a money grabbing machine, and nobody knows if it is going to be really good. Elite Dangerous is already a reality, a much more honest team, that do not pretend to be “transparent” like the CIG team.

        • Jeff

          This is very true, ED hasn’t missed a deadline yet and in fact did there full commercial release a few months ago back in March.

          Or in the real world, where meeting deadlines in game production is incredibly hard and as a result doesn’t happen very often.

          As for the buying ships with credits, because balancing on the economy hasn’t been done yet, there is no way of pricing the ships using the in-game currency. This has been mentioned before and wasn’t expected to be possible at such an early stage. Just like in the alpha of ED, where you couldn’t earn credits.

          Also can you tell us more about the bug prediction thing you mentioned a a little while ago.

    • jeff

      Think that’s what he was referring to the fact that anyone with deep pockets will have dropped some cash for the ED Beta and be playing that.

      Which, to be fair, is what I would have probably done if I wasn’t on a tight budget at the moment. Having said that, there is a lot of people who supported both and will be playing both. I’ve backed SC and will be getting ED in a little while.

      I recon next to comment will be manze, maybe he’ll tell us again about how SC should have done bug prediction.

    • Anbear

      OMG the beta version of a tiny bit of a game nowhere near release is delayed! what to do!?

      I’ve backed both ED and SC, but don’t understand all the excitement about these buggy early versions. There’s plenty of finished games to play…

    • commonperson

      Funny, they said they were going to have the go/no go meeting Monday now it’s Tuesday. They can’t even get their meeting times right. *sigh* I’m looking forward to the game but they need a PR person or Project Manager who can actually do their job and handle their messages.

      • Jeff

        Also known as time zones. Where it is currently 8:30 am in Austin, Texas, which is the place where the studio is located.

        Also take note of the section of the update that says
        Quote “We will update you tomorrow morning (US time) on the results of the go/no-go meeting.”
        So seeing as the report was done on Monday evening in Texas and said they’d update “tomorrow morning” meaning Tuesday and in the morning.
        And it’s still morning there.
        And it’s Also Tuesday there.
        And just so you didn’t miss it I highlighted a section you should probably go back and take note of.

      • Jeff

        Whereas if you had waited till now, you would be completely justified with a comment about the lack of a morning update,

    • quarrel

      For all of you comlaining about sc wakeup please. I can tell by your comments none of you have been Part of an actual game creaction process. Deadlines are constantly being missed. We just never hear about it. What makes sc unique is that they are allowing the customers to be part of that process, to see behind the screens. What people don’t understand is that there are delays all the time, we just never hear about it. SC is allowing people to be part of a process that is usually his behind PR.