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In red, so it goes faster.

A new status update communique has appeared on the Star Citizen site, confirming that the much anticipated Arena Commander v0.9 will be released tomorrow. That’s Friday, 12 September, in case there’s any time zone confusion.

The QA testing period from the other day has gone swimmingly, and the Austin QA team is said to have cleared this latest build for release.

By the sounds of things, the Star Citizen teams are actually juggling a couple of potential release candidates at once. Release Candidate 2 is the one which has been cleared, but there’s also a Release Candidate 4 (with a few extra improvements) undergoing late QA testing in Manchester. If Release Candidate 4 gets the all-clear, that’s the version which will be released on Friday.

If not, Release Candidate 2 will be pushed out instead and the changes introduced to 4 will come in a later patch.

Anyhow, tomorrow’s Arena Commander v0.9 will include all those things players have been waiting for, from “co-op play to leaderboards to the Murray Cup racing simulator to the new Hangars, along with too many bug fixes to list!” Tomorrow will also bring some updates to the Star Citizen site itself, including an updated Arena Commander manual, and a design post about altering ship stats.

Update: It’s out. Here are further details.


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