There’s been a lot of discussion about Star Citizen‘s Star Marine FPS module but there’s a little more clarification from Chris Roberts this evening with regards to their plans for it.

Back in June last year CIG decided to postpone plans for the a Star Marine release which some read as it being cancelled when in actual fact it was just being reworked. Since then the game has moved into the 2.o alpha phase which includes some of the FPS elements that were being worked on.

So what happened to the fully featured FPS game mode with its own map? With it being postponed back in June last year, and the game now having already moved on into the small PU (persistent universe), Star Marine been pushed right back and CIG plan on adding more FPS elements into the game in future 2.0 alpha updates which was not the original plan. The FPS elements were originally going to be worked on as part of a Star Marine release.

Once CIG are happy that the PU and FPS elements are up to a suitable standard they do still plan on launching Star Marine as a  game mode very much like Arena Commander. Simply put, they’ve rejigged their release plans for Star Marine pushing it back beyond the small PU release.

“We will have Gold Horizon, we will have Star Marine, but that will come online once all the basic FPS features are in and live in the mini PU”, said Chris Roberts.

At this point in time most backers will be focusing on a Squadron 42 release later this year so let’s hope that doesn’t get shunted into next year.

Chris Roberts answered a few more questions in this week’s Star Citizen 10 for the Chairman which you can watch in full below.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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