Developers of the upcoming MMO, Star Trek Online, were on hand recently to answer a selection of questions about the game, centering around away missions.The team answered questions about gameplay, personal shields and healing. We learn from the chat that players may go to many of the canon planets and starbases, some of which can be visited whenever players want to, others are only available during missions or story lines.While off your ship, personal shields will protect characters from most damage, although some will get through. Attacks like punches or knives will be more effective against shields than phasers, but the away team will be able to heal or even res you if your captain falls in battle. If one of your NPC team dies, they can also be ressed.“No one dies in an MMO. A defeated Bridge Officer will need to be resuscitated, and then they can rejoin the mission.”Federation players will use ranged weapons like pistols and phasers more than melee weapons, but will be able to pick them up and use them if needed. Phasers can also be used on the run with no effect on hit. There will also be ground-based PvP, not just in space.See the full Q&A at the official Star Trek Online Site.

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