Cryptic Studios has answered a selection of questions about Star Trek Online, which was put to them by the players in a recent ‘Ask Cryptic’ forum thread. The Q&A reveals that there will be no additional tier of ships introduced with the level cap increase, however Cryptic is considering this possibility for the future: “We have been kicking around ideas for what Tier 6 ships could be and how they would work in the STO universe already. Will they be retrofits of existing ships, “Super Defiants”? Will they need entire Fleets to pool their resources to create? We’ll continue to listen to the community’s feedback and decide as the time gets closer how exactly we will implement the next Tier of starships.” It is also revealed that future STO content is likely to take players beyond the Galactic Barrier, add more mini games and take players to key Star Trek planets including Vulcan and Andoria. Trait respecs for Bridge Officers are probably on the way at some point, to go alongside the same feature for Captains. However, Cryptic may decide not to go with the idea: “Part of advantage of finding more Bridge Officers is that they have better traits. A common Bridge Officers may have traits like Basic Luck and Acute Senses, but a rare Bridge Officers might come with Superior Luck and Superior Acute Senses. So a Trait Respec for BOffs would be more tricky than one for players for players. (You should not be able to Respec out your Basic Luck for Superior Luck.)” First Officers are still on the ‘to-do’ list for Cryptic, as are Fleet logos and Klingon ships for referral rewards. Players should also be pleased to hear that they may soon be able to keep a certain ship design regardless of the ship’s tier, and those who are fond of the good old shuttlecraft will be seeing it in the game soon too. Find out more in the full Q&A.

Paul Younger
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