There’s still not all that much known about gameplay as a Klingon in the upcoming Star Trek Online, so when we were offered the chance to quiz the game’s executive producer, Craig Zinkievich, on the subject, a number of questions sprang to mind immediately. Unless you’re one of the lucky few who have gained access to the beta test, here are several things about the fercious faction that you may find interesting:Starfleet is kind of a peace-keeping organisation, tackling outlaws and giving assistance to those who need it. When playing as a Klingon, what is their main objective, their end goal?

Klingon gameplay is PvP-focused, though there are PvE elements to enjoy. However, the majority of a Klingon player’s time will be spent battling members of the Federation and rival Klingon Houses. In that vein, Klingons’ primary objective is to defeat the Federation as the empire tries to expand beyond their current borders. 

After all this time being allied with Starfleet, why have the Klingons reverted back to their war-like ways, and what do characters in Star Trek’s lore, such as B’Elanna Torres and Worf, do as a result of the renewed hostilities, assuming they are still members of Starfleet?

Bear in mind, the game is set in 2409. A lot has happened since fans were last updated in the Star Trek universe. Empires have fallen, planets have been destroyed and politics have changed. The universe has been in turmoil, so it shouldn’t be incredibly surprising to see a warlike race take up arms when there are territories to conquer. Worf is currently on Qo&r es a Federationeapiaoriee0tt co ambassador during this time, but don’t expect to bump into him in-game.

How do Klingon ships get around on the Sector map? Is it the same way as the Starfleet ships, and will Starfleet be able to see Klingon/Klingon be able to see Starfleet as they’re travelling around?

Klingons have their own sectors of space through which to move, and of course they’ll be able to enter the Neutral Zone to duke it out with Federation players. Outside of the Neutral Zone, however, Federation and Klingon players won’t be in the same places, typically.

When making a Starfleet character, you have several different races to choose from, and even the chance to make your own race. How many races will you be able to choose from if you make a character aligned with the Klingons?

When making a character aligned with Klingons you can either create a Klingon or those aligned with them such as Gorn, Orion or Nausicaan. And you’ll be able to create your own race as part of the Klingon faction, too.

When will we be able to play as Klingons on the beta?

During Open Beta, anyone can play a Klingon. Once you reach level 6 as a Federation character, you’ll unlock the Klingon character creator.~~~Thanks to Craig for the interview. If you’d like to see more STO goodness, remember to drop by our video walk-throughs which cover the first section of the game, here’s part one and part two. We also have 1,500 beta keys to give away, to be in with a chance to take part, simpy add a comment in the thread.

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