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People who want to play a little offline Star Wars: Battlefront will be able to do exactly that from 20 July, when DICE add some bot-based Skirmish matches to the game. That’s confirmed by this round-up of what’s coming to the title in the next few months; including the third expansion pack, Death Star.

Skirmish is a free addition which “offers players the option to play offline against bots in a solo mission”. Co-op split-screen will be possible in console version of the game but not, unfortunately, on PC. You can Skirmish on either Walker Assault or Fighter Squadron, and at a difficulty level of your own choosing.

Throughout Summer, Star Wars: Battlefront will be adding a few more freebies, including “more Hutt Contracts for new weapons, log-in reward opportunities, and open trials to experience Bespin”.

On the paid side of things, the third expansion pack (part of the game’s Season Pass), Death Star, is scheduled for September. This will apparently offer “More new maps – on ground and in space – new weapons and Star Cards and two new heroes including one larger-than-life character we know you’ve been patiently waiting for.”

More about the Death Star expansion is expected at EA’s Star Wars Celebration panel, which will take place on 16 July at around 11am (Pacific US time).

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