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As could probably have been predicted by savvy minds who know how EA’s marketing works, Star Wars: Battlefront will be getting a “technical test” beta in early October.

Considering it has a release date of mid-November, and retail discs have to be minted and prepared for distribution well ahead (sometimes months) of a shelf date, it seems unlikely that much player feedback will be able to make its way back to the game before release. I’m sure they’ll be able to make server changes though.

The Star Wars: Battlefront beta will have at least three modes to play. EA lists the ‘Walker Assault on Hoth’ (a 40 player multiplayer battle, also featuring Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader) and the ‘Survival Mission on Tatooine’ (a co-op fight where you and a rebel pal are trying to hold off Imperial forces).

In addition to those two, there’ll be something called ‘Drop Zone’ that hasn’t really been fully detailed just yet.

Slipped in at the end of the beta announcement is the bad news that Star Wars: Battlefront will have one of those awful companion app games, allowing you to earn “in-game credits” (oh goodie) to unlock load-out equipment. It’s called Base Command, and is described as a strategic card game. The same program will let you check stats and stuff, which I guess is harmless enough. It’ll be accessible through Apple’s app store, Google Play and the internet in general.

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