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What’s cooler than being a Jedi? Being A bounty hunter in addition to being a powerful space wizard. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor allows you to do that. Since the game has a lot to do apart from the main story, you could spend a long time trying to get that one hundred percent goal. Bounty hunting is the one side activity you can do (although there are ones connected to the story) and will help you gain extra experience points. Each one is located on the many planets that are featured in the game, and in some cases, you may miss them. Read this guide to discover all bounty hunter location in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

All bounty hunter locations in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Note before we go further, this guide has a spoiler at the end. You’ve been warned.

To start being a bounty hunter, first talk to Caij Vanda. She can be found on Koboh and is found during an early story mission. There are a total of seventeen bounties you need to collect, and each fight is difficult. So you’ll be spending some time completing them.

Koboh bounty hunter locations:

Korej Lim: This bounty starts the quest, and is a part of the main story. To find him, he’s located on Koboh in Devasated Settlement.

Meyen Corr: Staying on Koboh, head to Harvest Ridge and then look for a path between Boiling Buff and Untamed Downs. It’s right near the outpost and hard to miss.

Raz: Look for the Forest Array on Koboh, he can be found in the second upper-level section of the array.

Selfin Jook: In the Observatory Understucter, Selfin will be on the floating platform in this area.

Vaslyn Martz: Head to the Fogged Expanse on Koboh. Beat all the enemies in the area, once you do that, she will pop out with two more enemies.

Kip Ostar: He’s rather easy to find, go the Derelict Dam and he’ll be in the corner behind a few crates.

Jedah bounty hunter locations:

Corde The Half and PR-85T The Other Half: Dealing with one bounty is a task. Get ready for a 2 on 1 fight. To get to this bounty, reach the top of the cliff in the Halls of Ranvell. As mentioned before, there will be two. So get lightsaber stances to accommodate that.

Yuhong: This droid is found in the Path of Restoration section of Anchorite’s Base.

Killi Oso: First, in order to unlock this bounty make sure you already have fourteen done, then after speak to Caij on Koboh. You’ll need to talk to her twice. Once you’ve done all that, head to Sanctuary Tempal on Jedah and he’ll be there.

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Coruscant bounty hunter location:

Gatt Medo: In the Freight Handling Depot on Coruscant, look for a room with a conveyor belt. When you’re in there, he’ll be protected by two guards.

Shattered bounty hunter locations:

Mash: On Shattered Moon, head to the Automated Forge and he’ll be there. However, make sure you’re not being followed by other Droids or he won’t appear.

Jo the Cannible: Much like Killi Oros he’ll only appear if you take down fifteen bounties, and talk to Caij twice on Koboh. After that, head to the Yurt  Barracks and he should show up.

Navo Garon bounty hunter location:

Masi Finau, Fenn Finau, and Kle-0: Since you dealt with two bounties at once, you’re clearly ready to take on three enemies at once right? If you answered yes, head to Nova Goran and search for the Hanger Bay. You’ll be greeted for the fight of your life here.

Final Location:

This is spoiler territory as mentioned earlier, once you’ve done everything at got all the bounties, none other than Caij will reveal herself as the final boss.

Upon beating her, you’ll get her blaster and a trophy. So it could worthwhile getting these bounties.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is available now via Steam.

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