StarCraft II Beta Delayed To 2010

StarCraft II lead producer, Chris Sigaty, has revealed the anticipated beta has been delayed further.

It was announced at the Russian gaming event, IgroMir, after Blizzard had said players could expect the beta in “Summer 2009”.The beta can now be expected to arrive in “2009” with no season, month or date and came as part of the announcement regarding details for 2.0 details. At the Russian gaming event IgroMir, where blizzard and StarCraft II attended, Sigaty revealed the beta is currently planned for “next year”.

Fans are already upset about the delay from Summer to Autumn, and Blizzard will hope the community doesn’t lose interest after yet another delay, especially as fans don’t seem to be too bothered about having 2.0 ready.  Instead, they are keen on helping Blizzard with actual unit balancing and the sort of bug reports normally associated with a closed beta. The game has been tested internally with all Blizzard employees for about a year now.Any more information and we’ll let you know.

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