StarDrive 2 launches into Sector Zero this year

StarDrive 2 launches into Sector Zero this year

StarDrive 2‘s first DLC, Sector Zero, will launch later this year.

The DLC’s main focus is on the Sectors mechanic, described as “an entirely new way to visualise and conquer the galaxy.” In the early game, Sectors offer short-term goals as targets of exploration; when you first enter one, you’ll reveal its secrets, possibly stumbling upon anything from one of Sector Zero‘s new quests and events, to wreckage from ancient battles. Deep Space Construction mechanics let you claim Sectors as your own and make use of whatever resources are there; mining bases can be built to make the most of deep space fields of metal, or Star Fortresses can secure one end of a wormhole for your empire.

As you’d expect, this isn’t exactly the limit of what Sector Zero offers. The DLC will allow you to play StarDrive 2 in galaxies up to four times larger than those supported by the base game, and there are the usual host of new technologies, new racial traits, new quests, and new events to assist – or impede – your empire’s expansion. There are even two new victory conditions: a scientific victory, and a story-based victory. No word on whether this DLC will coincide with another patch to address a few more of the game’s long-standing bugs, though.

StarDrive 2: Sector Zero is due out later this year. The base game itself is currently 50% off on Steam.

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