Starfield NPCs are hilariously ruining romantic proposals with awkward animations

Starfield Npcs Are Hilariously Ruining Romantic Proposals
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Have you ever known a Bethesda game to not have funny NPCs? Both the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series are known for bugs, glitches, and ridiculous AI. This is all said out of love, as every other aspect of its games trumps the silly situations you can run into. Starfield, Bethesda’s newest IP, is also no stranger to the “Bethesda Effect.” Players have been sharing instances online where Starfield NPCs are hilariously ruining romantic proposals with awkward animations.

Starfield NPCs are hilariously distracting players and ruining romantic proposals with funny animations

Starfield is a beautiful-looking game, that should be to no one’s surprise. But sometimes, the NPCs’ expressions give off some uncanny valley feelings, in both creepy and funny ways. The user ‘joshface123’ on Reddit shared a video of one of the Starfield NPCs ruining their romantic proposal to Sarah Morgan, in the most hilarious way possible.

I was confessing my love to Sarah and this NPC in the background had some perfect timing.
byu/joshface123 inStarfield

Although the warning mentions spoilers, it really only spoils how your proposal with the companions can turn out. I would recommend you watch it because it really is funny how an NPC can break the tension of a serious or romantic conversation. In the video, the player had just told Sarah that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. But in the corner of the screen, one of the NPCs was listening closely into the conversation.

As soon as Sarah responded positively to the proposal, the NPC’s head snapped in their direction, with wide, petrified eyes. I’m not sure if they were shocked by the proposal, or just happy for the couple. Most of the time, Starfield NPCs look quite normal, but you’ll occasionally get a bug-eyed and confused-looking person who’ll make you laugh in any situation. Many other Starfield fans in the replies are sharing how this video made them laugh out loud.

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