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Two games have been pursued by fans ever since they were announced and then seemingly vanished. The first is Elden Ring, which is simply never coming out. Time to accept it, people. But the other is Starfield. The game, announced by Bethesda at E3 2018, made waves immediately but hasn’t been seen since. However, according to Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, we’re going to get a peek at Starfield soon. The game will reportedly have a teaser trailer at E3, just don’t expect a release date any time soon.

According to Schreier, Starfield is “nowhere near done, according to several ppl [sic] familiar with development.” However, Schreier confirms that the game will be at E3, although its planned release date won’t be in 2021. In regards to the game’s long development cycle since being announced, Schreier pointed out that most of Bethesda Game Studios has been occupied with other projects. “Starfield‘s team was very small until 2019,” Schreier said. “Rumors that the game was planned for 2020 or far into production then are just not true.”


It shouldn’t be a massive surprise that Starfield isn’t exactly on the verge of releasing, seeing how many projects Bethesda is currently tackling. The massive studio still has a team working on Fallout 76 and is currently working on the next The Elder Scrolls title. The fact that Starfield may appear at E3 at all is, by itself, somewhat shocking.

When will Starfield release?

The actual release date for Starfield is still unknown. However, according to Schreier, the game won’t be releasing this year. Instead, Bethesda will tease a release date for Starfield at this year’s E3 presentation, which will point to a launch date of 2022. To be fair, fans looking forward to the game should be happy that they at least know Starfield should be at E3 this year. That’s a whole lot more than Elden Ring fans can say.

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