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Starfield: Should you side with Lousia or Zoe?

Picking sides, space edition.

I think I’m not the only one who suffers in RPG games with dialogue options and alternate endings to quests or the entire game itself. That’s what quicksaving and quick-loading are for, baby! But anyway, Starfield is filled with these situations. Alternative Currents is one of those. Its name not only refers to the constant electrical switches you need to turn off but also your choice of who to side with. Should you side with Lousia or Zoe in Alternative Currents in Starfield? Well, as with all things in life, it depends, but let’s talk a bit more about it.

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Alternative Currents: Side with Lousia or Zoe in Starfield

Starfield Alternative Currents Lousia

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Depending on whether you have explored The Well early in Starfield or not, the first thing you do when visiting it is to meet a couple of colorful characters in Lousia Reyez and Zoe Kaminski. The first is a worn-out MAST employee, and the second is a suspicious vendor under the Trade Authority umbrella. They both know each other and to be honest, they’ve had enough of each other.

After helping Lousia fix some switches due to some electrical malfunction, you end up uncovering a redistribution of energy for the Trade Authority. This has been helping them carry out their evil deeds through some illegal processing of data or transactions. Anyway, after you have collected enough evidence and switched a lot of electrical boxes, you will be met with a decision. You can side with Lousia and deliver all the information to her, helping her case against the Trade Authority. Or, you can side with Zoe, and deliver the evidence to her so that the Trade Authority. They will run their own “internal investigation”. We know what that means, of course.

Starfield Alternative Currents Zoe

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Ultimately, the choice is entirely based on role-playing. Whether you choose to side with Lousia or Zoe is irrelevant in terms of rewards. You will receive the exact XP and credits after completing the quest. If you ask me personally, I would side with Lousia. She is the one who takes the “betrayal” more personally. Moreover, after returning to The Well later in the game, Zoe doesn’t mind our decision at all and will guide us to do some cargo transportation work for the Trade Authority. Ultimately, it depends on what characters you are working to build. So, good luck, my decision-making space traveler.

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