How to get to The Well in Starfield

Starfield The Well Arriving From Elevator In Mast Station
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Starfield offers players an expansive playground like few games before it. Even when you think you’ve seen everything an area has to offer, sometimes it can surprise you. That’s certainly the case with The Well, an area you may hear people talking about but have no idea how to access. Here is our guide telling you how to get to The Well in Starfield.

Starfield – how to get to The Well

Though it pains me to admit it, I had played Starfield for dozens of hours before I heard about The Well, and it was a long time after that before I worried about how to access it. You should learn from my oversight and visit much sooner. To get to The Well, ride an elevator near Jemison Mercantile or from inside the NAT Station in New Atlantis.

Starfield The Well Elevator Near Jemison Mercantile

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The elevator near the Spaceport is probably the most convenient point of access. Whenever you land at New Atlantis on Jemison, you’re already near it. You appear at the edge of the landing pad, near a service technician who knows how to repair your ship. From there, head directly forward and past the point where guards scan you upon arrival.

Continue to the top of the next ramp and veer left. Climb some stairs to reach the Jemison Mercantile building directly ahead of you. Instead of entering the building, head around its right side. You’ll reach an elevator at the end of a short corridor. This elevator leads to a few possible destinations. One of them is The Well.

Starfield The Well Elevator In Mast Station

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If you instead arrive at New Atlantis by way of the Mast District, you’ll appear at the base of a stone walkway. Immediately turn around and descend the walkway to reach the MAST Station. Inside, turn left and follow the walkway to reach an elevator at the far wall. It offers a single destination: The Well.

The Well is a thriving underground area with numerous attractions. Points of particular interest include the local Trade Authority branch, various smaller shops, and the House of the Enlightened. Make some time to check out The Well for yourself on your next visit to New Atlantis.

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