Stealth Achievements For Metro 2033?

A Metro 2033 Tweet has revealed the possibility of stealth achievements.The Tweet on the official Metro 2033 Twitter reads “playing Metro 2033 level Black. Night vision, shooting out lights, sneaking past patrols, 0 kills – achievement unlocked!”This could simply be a use of the “achievement unlocked” internet meme as an indicator of success, or it could be a genuine achievement. We’ve contacted THQ and 4A Games for comment.The horror-shooter is due out on PC and Xbox 360 on 19 March. Most recently, we’ve heard about PC support for gamepads, and we’ve seen some lovely-looking DirectX 11 screenshots for the PC version – if you can call a ruined post-apocalyptic underground “lovely-looking.”UPDATE: 4A has confirmed there is a specific achievement for completing the Black level with no kills.

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