September 28th, 2018

Steam Controller Bluetooth connectivity added

Steam Controller Bluetooth connectivity added

The Steam Beta client has been updated to add Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support for the Steam Controller.

This beta client update addition has been added for the upcoming Steam Link app which will allow gamers to stream games to mobile devices. Situations where you would want Bluetooth support include:

  • Streaming games to your iOS and Android devices with the Steam Link app.
  • Connecting your Controller to a tablet or laptop without a USB port.
  • You just can’t find your Controller Wireless Receiver.

You can bet that last one has happened to a few controller users.

Valve also points out that unless you are needing any of the above, stick with the original USB receiver which has lower latency and can support up to four controllers. Valve does give users the option to switch between the two systems and details on how to set this all up can be found in the update.

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