Steam Deck Production Increase

Steam Deck production is going ‘faster than ever before’

A nice surprise for those still waiting.

For once, we’ve got some good news regarding gaming hardware. Valve put out an update earlier today regarding the production of the Steam Deck. It looks like many of the supply chain issues affecting production are “clearing up,” allowing more Decks to be produced than ever before. This is something that Valve hinted at not too long ago. Honestly, it’s just nice to have some good news for once.

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Valve’s post also provides an update on when people can expect their Steam Decks. Those who were in the “Q4 or later” window can now expect their Steam Deck to arrive from July to September. The post also says that everyone else is now “solidly in the Q4 (October-December)” window. This applies to anyone who places an order from now until the reservations start spilling over to next year.


Valve has been vocal about its goal to increase the production of the Steam Deck. Ever since the handheld console’s launch in February, plenty of people have been awaiting their Steam Decks. But if you weren’t able to pre-order it in those early months, the wait has been painful. What made it worse was seeing how well Valve has been updating the Steam Deck and its customization options, which let it play the best titles PC gaming has to offer. This customization has its limits, though. Valve had to warn users to not tamper with the SSD inside the device due to cooling concerns. Ultimately, the Steam Deck is a very desirable bit of hardware right now.

More Steam Decks are on the way

If you’ve been eagerly anticipating your Steam Deck, this is brilliant news. And if you feel like you’ve missed out on the majority of the Steam Deck hype, there are likely plenty of updates still to come. Those who’ve been bumped up to Q4 this year can also consider this news to be a nice bonus holiday treat.

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