Steam: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Half Price

Steam’s weekend deal this week highlights Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.Casting you as Darth Vader’s secret apprentice and set between the two trilogies of movies, The Force Unleashed will now only cost you £9.99 GBP.We weren’t mightily impressed with The Force Unleashed, but it might be a reasonable way to kill a weekend at that price. Note that this is the Ultimate Sith Edition, too, packing in three more levels.If you fancy something a little different, then note that “Madballs in… Babo: Invasion” and yes, I’m putting that in quotation marks because otherwise you’ll think I’ve made it up, is having a free weekend.Madballs is an arena-based 3D shooter with single-player, 2-4 player co-op, and 16 player multiplayer. You can play it for free until Monday, and if you enjoy it you can pick it up for 75 per cent off – that’s £1.74 GBP.There are a few other Madballs deals, too, with a S.W.A.T. combo pack throwing in some extra skins and letting you skip the single player campaign, as well as granting over 50 gameplay unlocks. £2.24 GBP to you, squire. Likewise, if you fancy playing with your friends, you can buy a Madballs in… Babo: Invasion four-pack, giving you a few copies of the game to give away, for £5.49 GBP.Not bad at all.

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