Steam Top Sellers week ending 17 December

Steam Top Sellers week ending 17 December

We are halfway through the month and it’s looking like PUBG will be the Steam Christmas No.1 but there’s still one week to go. For now, it retains the top spot this week.

GTA V is back up in second spot this week and ARK: Survival Evolved‘s Season pass has rocketed onto third place, the Aberration expansion also makes it into fifth, and the base game is in the eighth spot. There’s also more Season Pass action with Rainbow Six Siege in fourth place.

Fallout 4 VR has done well this week, it’s not often you see a VR title break into the top ten but it’s managed seventh. Getting over it has dropped a few places this week but gamers are obviously still up to the frustrating challenge.

Steampunk strategy game They Are Billions released earlier this week and it’s been well received and holds the sixth spot this week.

We are racing towards head towards the Christmas N0.1 and out money is on PUBG holding the top because the 1.0 release will be out in a few days time. We’ll find out next week when we post the charts on Sunday.

Steam Top Sellers week ending 17 December

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