It’s patching day for Paradox games apparently, as Stellaris is joining Hearts of Iron IV in being updated today. For Stellaris, it’s a hotfix update (1.2.1) to the recently released Asimov patch.

The hotfix should be out now (it’s certainly shown up through Steam for me), and mostly deals with bug fixes. AI empires should now properly declare white peace instead of letting wars go on forever, merged fleets should no longer prioritise the smaller fleet, “Primitives nuking themselves now properly affects pop count”; things of that nature.

You can read all the changes for the Stellaris 1.2.1 hotfix on Paradox’s forum, or below.

# Features
* Forming a Defensive Pact now cancels guarantees and non-aggression pacts with that country
* Primitives nuking themselves now properly affects pop count
* Risk of Malcontent Slaves faction effect “Interstellar Railroad” now scales from 1% to 5% risk with 5 to 11+ owned slaves, down from 2-10% risk with 4-8+ slaves

# Balance
* Upgraded Nomads arsenal and ship designs. Reduced Nomad Fleet HP and damage bonus modifier from +50% to +25%. Overall they should be stronger than before
* Reduced HP of Nomad ark ships and gave them basic weapons

# AI
* Fixed AI not properly signing white peace in some wars that would just drag on forever
* Fixed AI not declaring prepared wars
* Fixed a case where sectors could get stuck due to lack of energy tiles and respect tile resources
* Multiple fixes for AI combat behaviour

# User Interface
* Fixed spelling in English localization for Attitude Map Mode

# Bugfixes
* Fixed a bug where merging fleets would prioritize the smallest fleet
* Fixed a bug where Gaia world spawn chance was not explicitly reduced for inhospitable stars
* Fixed issues with democratic elections alternative parties, issue caused the alternative parties to be invalid
* Fixed a bug where the display height of a galactic object wasn’t being restored after loading a savegame
* Fixed so that democratic elections check the correct policy flags
* Fixed Xeno Integration tech weights
* Fixed upgrade arrow incorrectly displayed as greyed out for certain buildings on non-capital planets
* Fixed a bug where migration pacts between subjects and overlord were not allowed
* Fixed AI sometimes initiating a vote to kick right after a new member joins the alliance
* Fixed max trust not being properly set to 100 when forming an alliance
* Fixed issue with Nomads building too many new ships
* Fixed issue with Nomads not setting an end point for their journey when playing in a tiny galaxy
* Technology database patches tech_repeatable_improved_core_planet_cap -> tech_repeatable_improved_core_system_cap if save file version is below “Stellaris v1.2.0”
* Fixed CTD due to invalid pops on planet
* No longer wait for research in ALL tech areas to be halted before updating technology research alternatives
* Survey fleet order checks if fleet can move to system, so players can no longer reach out-of-reach systems using fleet view survey button

# Graphics
* Improved skybox quality

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