You won’t be doing this. Yet.

In a short, Q&A-style update on the DayZ forums, creator Dean “Rocket” Hall explains that the current lack of devblog updates on the project are due to how hard the team has been working. However, a brand new devblog should be on the way next week with details of how July’s “internal milestone” review has gone. This, Hall hopes, will keep people informed about “where the project is at and where it is going.”

To put any speculation to rest, the question of whether a public alpha is about to begin is answered twice with a definitive “no.”

“There is no set release date,” Hall writes. “When an alpha candidate passes it’s milestone review, it will be released.”

So, that’s the current state of play with DayZ. Next week’s devblog should provide a few more details about what the team has planned, whether they’re happy with the current build and whether it has passed whatever internal tests the developers are applying to it.

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