Stompy Bot shuts down Heavy Gear Assault Kickstarter

Heavy Gear Assault

Stompy Bot who are currently working on Heavy Gear Assault, the online competitive reboot of the franchise, has halted its Kickstarter campaign.

Looking for a Hefty sum of 800.000, the Kickstarter campaign was falling very short of their targets having raised only $44,981. A statement from Stompy Bot reads:


Thank you for your dedicated support. We appreciate and highly value everyone’s opinions here which is why we have decided to cancel this KS campaign and continue crowd funding on We believe very strongly in resurrecting the Heavy Gear franchise and giving the fans what they want. We are currently evaluating other strategies to raise awareness regarding Heavy Gear and looking at multiple means to get the Heavy Gear name out there. Thank you for your support everyone and stay tuned.

The timing of the campaign could have have played a factor in it not capturing the imagination of gamers with a few Mech focuses games currently already on the  market and the fact that many gamers may not remember the Heavy Gear series when it was around in the late nineties.

At least all is not lost and crowd funding will at least continue on the official website.

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