June 19th, 2017

STRAFE speedrun demo version released for everyone

If you’re a shooter pro you can now speedrun this early build of STRAFE before the Kickstarter concludes.

Forget modern graphics, Pixel Titans are in the middle of Kickstarting STRAFE which is an attempt to bring back the 1990s shooter. With 59 hours to go until the Kickstarter finishes, they’ve reached $154,681 of their $185,096 goal. In what can be considered a last push to get cash, the dev team has released a special speedrun demo which everyone can try and it even comes with its own leaderboards.

This is really early code and there’s stacks missing such as finished enemy AI and pathfinding, custom control options, and the all important procedural level generation which is probably one of the more attractive features about the game. It’s certainly not the pixelated graphics which really are 1990s.

There’s probably a market for this if the procedural level generation works as planned but if it ends up being just another quick way to release a pixelated indie game, then it’s probably not worth your time. If you are fed up of running around in Doom and want more of that old-school action then grab the demo. If you like it then through some cash at it and hope it reaches its goal.

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