Street Fighter 6 Guile Summer Game Fest

This year’s Summer Game Fest has finally begun, and Geoff Keighley chose to kick it off with a new Street Fighter 6 announcement. Capcom specifically decided to reveal a returning character in the form of Guile, who many undoubtedly expected to return. But as you may remember, a recent leak seemingly showed the entire base roster for the game, making this announcement even less of a surprise. At the very least, it appears to confirm the validity of the leak, as the new Guile design in Street Fighter 6 completely lines up with his leaked character artwork.

Much like the other returning characters shown so far, Guile’s new design looks fantastic. He still has his iconic haircut, but he now sports a chiseled beard that highlights the time jump between Street Fighter 6 and his last canonical appearance. He still looks as stereotypically American as ever, but instead of his traditional camo outfit, he fights while completely clad in denim.


A revamped battle plan

As for his gameplay, Guile appears to behave much like how he did in his previous Street Fighter appearances. He still strikes foes from afar with his Sonic Boom projectile and catches midair opponents with his Flash Kick. However, he does appear to have a new variation of his Sonic Boom, one that spins in place rather than shoots forward. Like the rest of the cast, he benefits greatly from the revamped animations, as they give his attacks a noticeably weightier feel. And of course, he concludes his gameplay demonstration with a flashy super attack, no pun intended.

All in all, Guile looks like solid fun to play, and the new gameplay systems of Street Fighter 6 make him look better than ever before. The rest of the character reveals should prove to be at least as interesting, even though we all know who they are going to be.

Daniel Pinheiro
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